Surprising Results With Customer Fashion Marketing

A fashion shoe store owner (a client) and I have just been analysing the results of her recent Back-to-School summer marketing promotion.

The shoe store owner was thinking about how big her database was getting and the cost of mailing out a letter promotion to 4,000 past customers (about $3,400). So instead, we just did one email and two SMS campaigns.

Did they work? Absolutely. The almost identical SMS, email and letter promotion has been sent out the past 4 years. Every media worked – email, SMS and post.

See the results below:

Fashion marketing shoe sale results

Now the 110 (approx) sales the store owner missed out this year (Jan-Feb 2013) versus the 2012 result of 225 came down to not posting the letter. So I did the sums. 110 sales x the average sale. The result was approx $2,000 profit.

So the moral is… if a promotion works, don’t stress about the cost.

If your database is growing – fantastic!

If on the other hand you don’t know if your letter or SMS campaign will work, then test on a small batch of 400-500 customers. Less than 400 won’t give you enough of a measurable result.