More Customers For Your Online Store – Part 1

What types fashion marketing activities are effective for your online store?

As an online fashion retailer of cosmetics, shoes, jewellery, clothing or fashion accessories, you probably don’t have a lot of money to spend on fashion marketing and advertising.

So what can you do to increase sales?

fashion marketing online store

One way is to focus on your most popular items (say the top 10) and examine where the sales enquiries (or visitors) come from.

For example, you may be a stockist of a particular brand and most of your web traffic for that brand comes via the company’s website where your link is listed as a retail supplier.

To find this out check your website statistics or your Google Analytics account.


Oh, by the way, if you are an online fashion retailer, you really should have Google Analytics installed (ask your website person for assistance with this).

STEP 2 – Increase website traffic

The next step is to see how else you can increase traffic (and the sales) of those top 10 products.

You can do this by:

  • Improving the SEO ranking for those product pages
  • Utilising social media such as Facebook
  • Using directories and other relevant fashion website to produce traffic
  • Maybe look at paid online advertising as long as it makes you money

If you would know the specifics of how these strategies work in more detail then check out our fashion marketing secrets mini-course, CLICK HERE for free access.


About the author. I’m Mark Fregnan, founder of Smart Fashion Marketing (Kinetic Media & Marketing) – an Australian consulting business that assists fashion retailers to increase sales and improve business value. Because we have a passion for marketing, our retail business clients enjoy better store and label brand exposure, greater cash-flow and more time off to enjoy the finer things in life!