The Death Of Facebook and Free Fashion Marketing

For many fashion business owners, having a few hundred Facebook Likes (fans) for their Facebook business page was pretty good, and over one thousand usually indicated a successful Facebook marketing effort.

Until just recently when you made a post on your fashion Facebook page you could expect a good engagement from your followers when they saw your post. This meant you could get a good response from your fashion promotional post, or sale or store discounts offered, etc.

However, with the changes being effected from the year 2014, Facebook is now saying "Hey, we need to get a return on investment – we have to show a profit to our investors. Why don’t we CHARGE to promote posts instead of giving it away for free?"

In other words – your fashion marketing posts to your Facebook page no longer have the same REACH to your followers as they used to. You will notice fewer views and get fewer likes than you used to. This is being done on PURPOSE by Facebook to move business pages to a PAID model.

So if you use a Facebook page as part of your fashion marketing mix, which I certainly recommend, you will now need to look at paying to promote your posts to get a better reach to your followers and audience.

Fashion marketing Facebook paid likes and engagement

Whilst Facebook have almost killed the FREE posting model, the good news is that you can get a better reach than before.

More on this on my next blog article. Stay tuned.

About the author. I’m Mark Fregnan, founder of Smart Fashion Marketing (Kinetic Media & Marketing) – an Australian consulting business that assists fashion retailers to increase sales and improve business value. Because we have a passion for marketing, our retail business clients enjoy better store and label brand exposure, greater cash-flow and more time off to enjoy the finer things in life!