Promoting Your Fashion Business Posts On Facebook

In my last post, Making Facebook Work For Your Fashion Business, I explained a number of ways to use Facebook to market your fashion business.

Fashion marketing facebook promote posts

When it comes to good fashion marketing using Facebook it’s a good idea to “employ” a number of proven techniques to promote your fashion and your store.

One technique is the method of “BOOSTING” a post on Facebook.

When you notice a recent post of yours getting a bit of attention from people (and store customers) who have liked your Facebook Business Page – such as liking your post and adding a few comments.

You can choose to “boost” your post by selecting the “Boost post” option.

You then will have the option to select who to promote your post to.

Choose “people who liked your page” and “friends of people who liked your page”

What this will do is allow your post to reach deeper into your fan base and their friends and family – a great way to market your fashion business.

Give it a go. Review your recent (and future) posts for engagement, and if proven to be popular, then try out the “Boost post” feature in Facebook.

When it comes to achieving results with your fashion marketing, you’ve got to use what works!