Fashion Retailer Sees The Value In Email Marketing – $4,143 In Sales From One Promotion!

Clothing retail marketing

Jewels Armstrong
Owner, clothing retail business, Morley, WA.

"We have been in business for over 35 years and we managed to obtain a good sized customer list of postal addresses. The much smaller list was a collection of email addresses which we didn’t use very often."

"Mark Fregnan from Kinetic Media & Marketing approached us and said that we would still get a good response from that smaller and older email list."

"Mark and his graphic designer created a February sale promotion which brought in $4,143 in sales which we were very happy about. Since then we have been keen to add in fresh email addresses and we engaged Kinetic Media & Marketing to help us with our marketing on a monthly basis."

February 2010

Fashion Retailer Increases Sales by $10,683 in One Day!

Shoe store marketing

Gill and Kim

Directors, shoe store, Midland, WA.

(Full name withheld due to privacy reasons)

"We are really hitting our stride now using promotions to increase sales."

"Our Back-to-School event created another $20,039 in additional revenue. Recently we ran our one day May 2009 promotion and increased sales by $10,683."

"We can’t wait to see the results of our July clearance event!"

May 2009

Clothing Manufacturer & Retailer Grows After Being ‘Stuck’ For Over 5 Years!

clothing manufacturing marketing

Elana Geldenhuys
Director, Geldens Pty Ltd, Leederville WA.

"We signed up for Kinetic Media & Marketing services at a time when we had been in business for 20 years. We felt that we were no longer growing and had in fact become quite stagnant.

Mark Fregnan from Kinetic, has guided and assisted us through several business decisions that have resulted in changes to strategy, and has provided us with the tools to grow.

We have implemented clear policies and documented these. This has improved our selling technique and saved time as finally we are organized! We have graded our customers (A,B,C) and are setting up a proper customer base that will be an added asset to the business.

We have changed our approach to marketing and advertising, and Mark advised us on our brochure information and layout, which has definitely resulted in improved sales.

We have established a good relationship with Kinetic Media & Marketing, and will continue to use their services as consultants in marketing and advertising and in any way that will continue to improve our business.

This has been an investment (not an expense), and I would recommend other businesses to join the programme."

$600,000 Increase in Security Products Sales!

security marketing

Ben Collins
Director, security company, Osborne Park, WA.

"By implementing the telephone techniques and job management strategies shown to us by Mark Fregnan from Kinetic Media & Marketing we increased revenue by $600,000, with the same number of staff (9), and we work fewer hours, with less stress!"

$71,126 Increase in Net Profit in 12 Months!

Sign business marketing

Derek Scott
Owner, sign business, Malaga, WA.

"Mark Fregnan from Kinetic Media & Marketing helped us to implement systems for quoting and job management, initiated customer care programs and assisted us to target our ‘ideal’ customers."

"As a result our bottom line improved by $71,126 over the previous 12 month period (2005)."

Beauty Products – Ready for Promotional Sales!

Beauty salon marketing

Marnie Kallmeyer
Owner, Beauty Image Salon, Wembley, WA.

"I realised the importance of having a good client database in order to increase sales."

"Mark Fregnan assisted us to setup our new Salon Software for promotional marketing campaigns."

21 November 2008

We Can Now Respond Quickly To Slow Months!

Shoe store marketing

Gill & Kim
Directors, Retail business, Midland, WA.

(Full names withheld due to privacy reasons)

"We began working with Mark Fregnan from Kinetic Media and Marketing in December 2008."

"At Mark’s recommendation we installed a traffic counter from Total Count in Melbourne in our store from the 1st January 2009. This will enable us to know exactly how much traffic our store produces each month."

"There are two benefits of using this system – one, we can monitor all of our marketing to make sure that our store traffic volume doesn’t fall below our specific targets, and two, so we can better plan promotions to avoid the slow periods."

11 February 2009

Promotional Products Business Improves Customer Management!

Promotional marketing

Kiera Pedley
Manager, Promotional Business, Malaga, WA.


“Hi Mark,”

“You’ve completely changed our mindset and how we approach our marketing and customer service.”

“In fact it’s actually hard to think that less than 12 months ago, it had never occurred to us to write referral programs, never occurred to us to categorise our customers, and we’d
never written a thank you letter in our lives! It’s made a huge positive difference to our business.”

Our existing customers are much better looked after – you saw the results our referral letter returned, and we approach the everyday running of the business much more like a tool to achieve our personal goals, rather than letting it run us.

There are a couple of things that really stand out with regards to the impact they’ve had on our business:

bullet Glen Smyth’s CDs & DVD’s – Completely inspirational.
bullet Categorising our customers – we don’t waste time stepping over dollars to pick up
bullet Thank You notes – Customers always comment!
bullet Sending out gifts to A List Customers – we actually saved losing a customer, simply by sending out a gift basket with a letter and a book. (it cost us $70, but the lifetime value of the customer is about $10 000)

I’d more than happily recommend you to anyone, and if you ever have a prospect who wants reassurance Kinetic Media will help them, tell them to call me, I’ll more than happily recommend you!”

16 March 2006