Why did I create this site for fashion retailers?

Fashion retail advertising marketing and sales for business


Hello, my name is Mark Fregnan. I work with fashion retailers everyday. So, why did I create this web site?

Simply due to the frustration I hear from clothing, footwear and jewellery retail shop owners. I’m sure you can relate to some of these challenges:

  • Flat out or dead quiet. You have some good days, but can’t figure out how to bring in more store traffic when you need it.
  • Having hundreds of thousands of dollars of capital tied up in stock.
  • Not moving forward. Annual sales which have reached a plateau or even declining.
  • Expensive advertising which is ineffective.
  • Increases in rent
  • Rising expenses
  • Staff problems
  • The economy

The list goes on…

But, generally most of those problems can be solved by INCREASING SALES of your fashion products whilst MAINTAINING GOOD MARGINS.

So What Are Successful FASHION RETAILERS Doing Now?

You see after many years of studying SUCCESSFUL FASHION RETAILERS and conducting intensive research and marketing analysis I discovered literally dozens of simple, yet powerful strategies TO INCREASE FASHION RETAIL SALES and PROFITS.

This information has been collated and edited into a very special mini-course called ‘Marketing Secrets of Top Fashion Retailers’. Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • Discover The Promotion That Brought In Additional Sales Of $53,858 To A Retail Store In 4 Hours!
  • How To Increase The Value Of Your Fashion Retail Business By At Least $45,000 In The Next Four Weeks! This Is So Easy – Every Retailer Should Be Doing It!
  • 3 Simple Steps That Were Taken By A Fashion Retailer That Increased Annual Sales By 126%!
  • How A 430% Increase In Advertising Response Was Achieved By A Local Business!
  • How To Add At Least $8,500 To Your Bottom Line In Your Fashion Retail Business By Avoiding This One Big Mistake!
  • The Quick & Easy Way To Ensure A Good Consistent Volume Of Sales Each & Every Month. Never, Ever Have A Bad Sales Month Again!
  • Revealed! How To Overcome Price Shoppers And Actually Enjoy 20% To 50% Higher Gross Margins Than Your Competitors!
  • Plus many more fashion marketing tips & tactics!

Excited? Well, you should be. It wasn’t easy creating such a valuable resource. All of the fashion marketing information in the ‘Marketing Secrets of Top Fashion Retailers’ mini-course has been tested in actual real-life businesses – no theory here.

So, how much is it?

We understand that many fashion retailers are experiencing 20% (or more) reduction in sales due to the current economic climate, so we have decided to hand you a ‘gift’. This mini-course sells for $167.00, but for a limited time, we have decided to make it FREE.

FREE – For a limited time… Request your Fashion Marketing mini-course now!


Marketing Secrets Of Top Fashion Retailers!


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