Your Fashion Advertisement – Did It Bring You More Customers?

It’s very difficult to track whether your fashion advertisement brought in any more store browsers or customers – unless you advertise some specific promotion.

You see, most fashion advertising is based on Branding or Image marketing which can re-enforce your brand identity and your product identity. However, this can take a long time and deep pockets (money) to achieve.

Fashion advertising in newspapers

Promotional marketing also has its challenges.

For fashion clothing price is not easily defined. Advertising 30% off may sound like a bargain to some or typical (boring) to other consumers.

So it’s brand or promotional marketing as the two major choices to advertise your fashion store.


How about I open this to comments. Which have you found to be the more effective for your fashion business?

About the author. I’m Mark Fregnan, founder of Kinetic Media & Marketing, an Australian consulting business that focuses entirely making our clients MORE PROFIT WITH LESS EFFORT. We understand the financial and time pressures felt by small business owners especially in a competitive marketplace. We rely on our proven marketing and business strategies along with smart systems to produce and maintain a healthy increase in sales and profit for our business clients.

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