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Oh, By The Way… Here’s A Shortcut…
If You Need To Increase Your
Fashion Store Revenue RIGHT NOW – This Is For You…

Yes, that’s not a misprint – these powerful strategies can be implemented quickly and easily in your fashion retail store for IMMEDIATE RESULTS!


Gill Barralet
Store owner, shoe store, Midland, WA.

Fashion Retail Store Experiences New Sales Record – $21,932.31 Over Two Days!

"Using Kinetic Media & Marketing’s multi-media customer marketing approach we had 168 customers come in for our two day special event."

"Not only that we have customers comment days before the event expressing their anticipation. Other customers weren’t able to make it but still turned up the following week wanting to purchase additional items."

"The event was a huge success and did wonders for our monthly revenue."


Can’t Figure Out How To Increase Your
Annual Revenue By 20-30%
Without Spending A Lot Of Money?

Fashion retailing isn’t easy – there are many expenses, competition and fickle consumer spending to contend with – HOWEVER, the SMART fashion retailer knows that improving store marketing, branding and sales systems is the KEY to not only increase sales revenue by 20-30% but even to create a MILLION DOLLAR FASHION RETAIL STORE.

Other retailers have managed to grow their small retail shop into a million-dollar fashion business – there is no reason why you can’t too!!! However…

Why Use Trial-And-Error & Waste Thousands Of Dollars?

Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

Copy What’s Working For Successful Fashion
Retailers Right Now!

I believe the reason why so many fashion retailers can’t figure out how to increase their annual revenue significantly is that they are using the same outdated marketing methods. In this day-and-age you’ll need to be using SMART marketing to get the results you want.

You’re in luck – not only have you come across this website devoted to FASHION RETAIL MARKETING – these strategies has been tested and proven in AUSTRALIAN retail conditions.

Even though we have many testimonials and case-studies from our Australian retail clients – I understand you may still have your reservations, so for a limited time we have decided to offer a very-low cost 30 day trial of our fashion retailer membership program.

In Your 30 Day Trial, You’ll Get…


Instant Access To Dozens Of RETAIL Strategies THAT WORK – Which You Can Use Immediately In Your Fashion Store!

You’ll get immediate access to the PRIVATE MEMBERS’ AREA – a treasure trove of marketing and sales information for fashion retailers. Whether your retail store is in the city, in a suburban shopping centre, in a country town or near the beach – these powerful strategies have been tested and proven – THEY WORK!

Here’s what you’ll discover in the PRIVATE MEMBERS’ AREA:

Customer Conversion Strategies


  • 5 Low-Cost, Quick Cash-Flow Strategies – More CASH In Your Till TODAY! Try these little known, but highly effective fashion retail store cash-flow strategies.
  • Plus much more…

Store Traffic strategies


  • Access the Online Fashion Store TRAFFIC Secrets – How to get more people to your website!
  • If you followed the TRAFFIC Secrets… next find out the SALES secrets – How to get more people to BUY from your online store (or place orders from your website)!
  • Have you send up your FACEBOOK Business Page as a marketing tool? If not, you’ll get access to our Quick Facebook Page Launcher. If you DO have a Facebook Page, use our Facebook strategy to boost your fans and likes and spread your brand and store details to thousands of new potential customers.
  • Plus much more…

Store Traffic strategies


  • You’ll see not just 5 or 6, but twelve(12) strategies to generate store traffic with detailed explanations on how to implement them effectively. Many are low-cost which you can start with quickly to bring in more people to your store.
  • Revealed – How to use FREE publicity from your local and city media companies to expose your store and brand to hundreds of new customers. Newspapers have to print stories (not just advertising) – so why not run a story about your store? Find out how to get media coverage to work for YOU!
  • The best places to advertise – that suits the type of fashion you sell.
  • Why advertising reps prey on unsuspecting RETAILERS and how to beat them at their own game.
  • How to use internal and external signs to maximise your pass-by traffic.
  • How to get other retailers to promote you – you’ll love this zero cost strategy!
  • What style of web-site is most suitable for fashion retailers and how to not get ‘stuck’ with an overpriced web site design.
  • How to get started with social media marketing even if you don’t have a web-site.
  • Plus much more…

Customer Conversion Strategies


  • A six-word greeting that increases RETAIL STORE SALES by 16% (This one has been used extensively by leading retailers).
  • Learn how to get your product mix and range right in order to maximise your sales and reduce being stuck with left-over stock at the end of the season.
  • Plus much more…

Average Customer Spend Strategies


  • Five simple techniques for increasing your average customer spend – these are so easy to implement, you’ll have no problem adding $200 to $1,000 to your daily sales.
  • Plus much more…

Repeat Sales Strategies


  • Using customer clubs and loyalty programs effectively to create ‘customers for life’. Copying the competition’s loyalty programs, for example 10% off – IS SO BORING!!! You need to read our special ‘Loyalty Marketing For The 21st Century’ Report to ensure your customer’s remain loyal to your store.
  • Utilise the power of email, SMS and social media marketing to BOOST your revenue whenever you want to announce new stock arrivals or to clear out last season’s stock. Many fashion retailers use these marketing methods – find out how to use them effectively too!
  • Plus much more…

Margin Strategies


  • How to price your products to maximise your income without affecting your volume of sales!
  • Plus much more…

fashion marketing

Jocelyn Wood
Store owner, Façade Fashion, Subiaco, WA.

Positive Result To Our Sales

"Having implemented the recommended strategies, we saw a positive result to our sales. There are some great ideas that can be put in place straight away without costing the business a lot of money."

"A very worthwhile investment."


fashion marketing

Kiera Pedley
Manager, Clothing promotion business, Wangara, WA.

$2,705.77 In Sales From A $15 Mail Out!

"You’ve completely changed our mindset and how we approach our marketing and customer service. In fact it’s actually hard to think that less than 12 months ago, it had never occurred to us to implement referral programs, never occurred to us to categorise our customers, and we’d never written a thank you letter in our lives!"

"It has made a huge positive difference to our business."


Not only do you get access to all these fashion marketing strategies – you’ll appreciate some extra help from your…


LIVE monthly Group Coaching Call

Listen ‘LIVE’ (on your telephone) to other fashion retailers describing how they bring in more store traffic, their tips for getting customers to buy, what customers are buying right now and what they are not. Promotions that worked well and those that didn’t.

The BEST Way For YOU To Develop A Million-Dollar Fashion Retail Store Is To ‘HANG’ Out With Other Like-Minded & Successful
Fashion Retailers!

Being in business by yourself can be a lonely place – but it doesn’t have to be! No one else has this many fashion retailers together talking about marketing their business – wouldn’t you like to be a member of this exclusive club too?

And, of course, you must be using this tactic in your fashion store…

Bonus #1

Generate Thousands Of Dollars In Extra Revenue Using Your Very Own Customer Database Builder!


We discovered after speaking with over 114 fashion retailers throughout Australia that the ‘secret’ to reducing slow months and increasing repeat sales from fashion customers is to ‘create’ feeling of ‘belonging’ and exclusivity. You can achieve this with a customer club database!

Even if you have a good customer database already – we’ll show you how to use it effectively to massively increase your sales revenue!

Bonus one includes optional use of our Database Builder : Advantage Shopper – you can use it to store your customer’s full contact details and each sale they make. You can then communicate to your customers whenever you like using SMS, email and post. *We can even import your customer database if it’s stored in MS Excel, or in MYOB Retail Manager.

DO YOU HAVE YOUR OWN SYSTEM? No problem, You can still utilise elements of the Database Builder to improve your results even if you have an existing customer marketing program.

Footwear marketing client photo

Gill Barralet
Store owner, shoe store, Midland, Western Australia.

Added 502 New Customers In January

"We got a list of 1,545 customers when we purchased the store from the original owner. This customer database was collated over 10 years and was pretty old."

"Mark from Kinetic Media & Marketing got us using the Advantage Shopper database builder and now we have over 3,450 customers on our list. We even had our best month in January with 502 customers added to our database!"


Fashion marketing client photo

Julie Armstrong
Store owner, Elegance Plus, Morley, WA.

Fashion Retailer Sees The Value In Email Marketing – $4,143 In Sales From One Email Promotion!

"We have been in business for over 35 years and we managed to obtain a good sized customer list of postal addresses. The much smaller list was a collection of email addresses which we didn’t use very often."

"Mark Fregnan from Kinetic Media & Marketing approached us and said that we would still get a good response from that smaller and older email list."

"Mark and his graphic designer created a February sale promotion which brought in $4,143 in sales which we were very happy about. Since then we have been keen to add in fresh email addresses and we engaged Kinetic Media & Marketing to help us with our marketing on a monthly basis."

Bonus #2

Create Customers For LIFE!

Imagine how profitable your fashion business would be if you had hundreds of loyal, high spending customers returning monthly to your store!!!

It all starts with a WOW FACTOR customer loyalty system!

1) Use the ascending loyalty program built into the DATABASE BUILDER. You don’t need to print any loyalty cards or buy any expensive equipment. The loyalty system in the DATABASE BUILDER is entirely web-based for immediate implementation, OR

2) You can make improvements to your current loyalty program by reading our special ‘Loyalty Marketing For The 21st Century’ Report.

Now, we’ve covered a lot, so let’s quickly review…

SUMMARY – Here’s What You’ll Get As A Member…


MILLION DOLLAR RETAILER MARKETING : Get your Instant Access to the Private Members’ Area containing dozens of strategies for you to develop YOUR OWN Million Dollar Fashion Retail Business.

Valued at $99 per month


PHONE SUPPORT : An Exclusive All-Access Pass To Listen Too & Ask Questions To Million Dollar Fashion Retailers on the LIVE monthly Group Coaching Call.

Valued at $50 per month


BONUS 1 – Customer Database Builder. Rapidly increase the number of customers on your list so you can look forward to $21,932 days like our other clients.

Valued at $150 per month


BONUS 2 – Customers For Life. No one can build a million dollar retail business without retaining a large portion of their customer base – we’ll show you not only how to massively improve your customer loyalty, but how to get those customers to spend more, more often and refer dozens of people to your store!

Valued at $329 per month

Total Value At …

I’m sure you’ll agree that these fashion marketing systems and strategies will make a dramatic improvement to your retail business, your bank balance and may even give you renewed motivation.

It doesn’t make any sense in business to re-invent the wheel – take the shortcut and copy what works – all these strategies have been proven and tested in real-life fashion retail stores all over Australia – there’s no theory here!

Besides, the cost of acquiring this marketing information on your own could cost you thousands of dollars in trial-and-error… even the Database Builder cost us over $8,200 in initial programming costs, plus over two thousand dollars a year to maintain.

You can reap the benefits and obtain a massive return-on-investment AND be able to GET MORE MONEY IN THE TILL TODAY!!!

Look – I like helping people, that’s why I enjoy business consulting so much. I figure you’ll be so happy that I was able to deliver massive value to you that you’ll become a long term client, even so…

My Accountant Said I Was Crazy…

You Can Get A 30 Day TRIAL Membership Of
The ‘Million Dollar Retailer’ Program
For A Ridiculous Amount Of ONLY $7.00!

Yes, that’s right – I really want to work with you because I enjoy fashion marketing, it’s my passion. So, I want to bribe you to ‘give it a go’ – it’s a very low risk proposition for you and I get the opportunity to prove to YOU that it works. But don’t delay… I could review the $7 pricing any time now and charge much more.


To your success.


Mark Fregnan

Smart Fashion Marketing (Kinetic Media & Marketing)
Unit 1 / 5 Cressall Road, Western Australia.
Postal : PO Box 632, Balcatta WA 6914
Phone : 08 9240 5990
Fax : 08 9243 0810


Mark's photo


P.S. To increase YOUR store sales you’ll need to use FRESH MARKETING IDEAS – your revenue won’t magically improve by itself. In less than 5 minutes you’ll have access to the PRIVATE MEMBERS’ AREA with dozens of proven and tested fashion marketing strategies.

P.P.S. We are currently reviewing our pricing. $7 is nothing – it would barely buy you a coffee and a muffin these days. Grab your 30 day trial before the price goes up. Click on the [Get Instant Access] button above, right now!

Fashion marketing client photo

Elena Geldenhuys
Director, Geldens, Leederville, WA.

Clothing Manufacturer & Retailer Grows After Being ‘Stuck’ For Over 5 Years!

"We signed up for Kinetic Media & Marketing services at a time when we had been in business for 20 years. We felt that we were no longer growing and had in fact become quite stagnant. Mark Fregnan from Kinetic, has guided and assisted us through several business decisions that have resulted in changes to strategy, and has provided us with the tools to grow."

"We have changed our approach to marketing and advertising, and Mark advised us on our brochure information and layout, which has definitely resulted in improved sales."

"We have established a good relationship with Kinetic Media & Marketing, and will continue to use their services as consultants in marketing and advertising and in any way that will continue to improve our business."

"This has been an investment (not an expense), and I would recommend other businesses to join the programme."

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