Clothing Manufacturer & Retailer Grows After Being ‘Stuck’ For Over 5 Years!

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Elana Geldenhuys
Director, Geldens Pty Ltd, Leederville WA.

"We signed up for Kinetic Media & Marketing services at a time when we had been in business for 20 years. We felt that we were no longer growing and had in fact become quite stagnant.

Mark Fregnan from Kinetic, has guided and assisted us through several business decisions that have resulted in changes to strategy, and has provided us with the tools to grow.

We have implemented clear policies and documented these. This has improved our selling technique and saved time as finally we are organized! We have graded our customers (A,B,C) and are setting up a proper customer base that will be an added asset to the business.

We have changed our approach to marketing and advertising, and Mark advised us on our brochure information and layout, which has definitely resulted in improved sales.

We have established a good relationship with Kinetic Media & Marketing, and will continue to use their services as consultants in marketing and advertising and in any way that will continue to improve our business.

This has been an investment (not an expense), and I would recommend other businesses to join the programme."