Your Fashion Advertisement – Did It Bring You More Customers?

It’s very difficult to track whether your fashion advertisement brought in any more store browsers or customers – unless you advertise some specific promotion.

You see, most fashion advertising is based on Branding or Image marketing which can re-enforce your brand identity and your product identity. However, this can take a long time and deep pockets (money) to achieve.

Fashion advertising in newspapers

Promotional marketing also has its challenges.

For fashion clothing price is not easily defined. Advertising 30% off may sound like a bargain to some or typical (boring) to other consumers.

So it’s brand or promotional marketing as the two major choices to advertise your fashion store.


How about I open this to comments. Which have you found to be the more effective for your fashion business?

About the author. I’m Mark Fregnan, founder of Kinetic Media & Marketing, an Australian consulting business that focuses entirely making our clients MORE PROFIT WITH LESS EFFORT. We understand the financial and time pressures felt by small business owners especially in a competitive marketplace. We rely on our proven marketing and business strategies along with smart systems to produce and maintain a healthy increase in sales and profit for our business clients.

Beauty Products – Ready for Promotional Sales!

Beauty salon marketing

Marnie Kallmeyer
Owner, Beauty Image Salon, Wembley, WA.

"I realised the importance of having a good client database in order to increase sales."

"Mark Fregnan assisted us to setup our new Salon Software for promotional marketing campaigns."

21 November 2008

Promotional Products Business Improves Customer Management!

Promotional marketing

Kiera Pedley
Manager, Promotional Business, Malaga, WA.


“Hi Mark,”

“You’ve completely changed our mindset and how we approach our marketing and customer service.”

“In fact it’s actually hard to think that less than 12 months ago, it had never occurred to us to write referral programs, never occurred to us to categorise our customers, and we’d
never written a thank you letter in our lives! It’s made a huge positive difference to our business.”

Our existing customers are much better looked after – you saw the results our referral letter returned, and we approach the everyday running of the business much more like a tool to achieve our personal goals, rather than letting it run us.

There are a couple of things that really stand out with regards to the impact they’ve had on our business:

bullet Glen Smyth’s CDs & DVD’s – Completely inspirational.
bullet Categorising our customers – we don’t waste time stepping over dollars to pick up
bullet Thank You notes – Customers always comment!
bullet Sending out gifts to A List Customers – we actually saved losing a customer, simply by sending out a gift basket with a letter and a book. (it cost us $70, but the lifetime value of the customer is about $10 000)

I’d more than happily recommend you to anyone, and if you ever have a prospect who wants reassurance Kinetic Media will help them, tell them to call me, I’ll more than happily recommend you!”

16 March 2006