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How we improve your business

We improve your business by implementing a proven system which guarantees results!

Step 1: We conduct a Business Growth Analysis which will reveal to us the areas of opportunity within your business.

Step 2: We prepare a written report for you outlining all the applicable strategies to improve your business.

Step 3: We provide you with our proven ‘Business Success System’ and consulting support to implement these strategies.

What are the results?

We have over 400 different strategies available for business improvement. Whilst not all strategies are applicable to your business, we tailor-make a program specifically for you.

For example :

Strategy 1 (effective advertising) 9% increase
Strategy 2 (flyer campaign) 5% increase
Strategy 3 (active referral program) 4% increase
Strategy 4 (web site promotion) 6% increase
Strategy 5 (loyalty program) 6% increase
TOTAL 30% increase in gross profit



Print shop marketing

$6,126 in Sales from a $25 Mailing Campaign!

"Many businesses experience the odd quiet time and we were no exception. We were looking for a quick, inexpensive way to boost our orders when we needed to."

"Mark Fregnan showed us how to target specific businesses that typically order quantity. In fact, our first campaign generated 8 sales totalling $6,126 from 41 letters that cost less than $25!"

Scott Chapman, Manager
Joondalup WA

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